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About us

We are a technology-led outsourcing company. Structured as a consultant company, we bring solutions to small and mid-sized companies. The mission: "Bring the best software resources to the globalising world".

Our purpose is to give the world access to highly-trained IT Professionals, using only the best practices usually reserved for big business. We take those principles and make them affordable and accessible to everyone, providing our clients with the resources and support they need to be more cost effective and competitive.

At Eskape, we believe in bringing the same opportunities, practices and principles utilized by big business, to everyone.

"ESKAPE has been a strong partner for ProSave solving the increasingly difficult challenge of hiring talented, english speaking developers at a competitive price.
We have used ESKAPE to facilitate development of built on Drupal CMS, and the associated mobile app built with PhoneGap for both iOS and Android. ESKAPE’s skills, experience, and local network has been critical for our success in building a team in Ukraine. "

René M. Balslev, ProSave

Why choose us?

Dynamic Partnership

We understand that our way of working is not necessarily how you want to work. So we are ready to change the way we work in order to implement our services into your processes. With us, your business is in the center.


We are used to work with different cultures, across different countries over different time-zones. We understand that communication is key to make a success out of outsourcing. With us, communication is always top priority.

10 years of experience

We've been working in this business for a long time. We know the struggle, we know the holes in the road. With over 10 years of experience we know how to make success. To choose us, is to choose someone who knows how it is done.

Our Values

At Eskape we value honesty and openness. We hold our integrity higher than profits and pride. we are open minded and know what we are capable of. We are comfortable with our strengths and our weaknesses. We accept ourselves and our clients. 

We aim to make Eskape a caring, respectful and fun company. The culture at Eskape is all about people, teamwork and taking IT services to a higher level. We believe that people is the reason we are able to do what we do.