What we do

How we can help your business

Development consultants

Working with software can be a time consuming process. And in a competitive world, healthy processes can easily be underestimated. It can result in delays, poor quality and even worse, unacceptable utilization of resources. With our experienced project consultants, we can help you to the best results.

Outsourcing Project

Some companies don't hold any or little technical expertise yet wants to build something. Whether the wish is to build an app, website or something much bigger, the question stays the same, setup a technical department or to outsource the project. We can help answering questions just as we can help with the solution.

Distributed Team

With a distributed team you are in full control of your resources. You can work with your team in the way you are used to. We can help with recruitment, employee reviews and evaluation. You can use our EMS (Eskape Management System) to administrate employees, vacation, meetings and absence.

Looking for an outsourcing partner?

If you are looking for a partner to help you find IT resources, help you with your software development or or maybe just need consultation, Then look no further...

We can help you with any of the above. We are here to make enterprise possibilities available to anyone who wishes to benefit from them.

Our Process

One of the most pressing concerns that clients have while outsourcing their services to a third-party organization is whether they have the required infrastructure, resources, expertise, and experience to provide good results.

We follow a streamlined 4 stage outsourcing process to ensure that our services are delivered on time and cost-effective.